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Outline Lecture #1 I. Exemplary Citizens in Two Eras – Pericles and Bill Gates a. Pericles and the pest b. Pericles as exemplary figure c. In the agora or meeting hall – a conversion to civic virtue II. Bill Gates a. Scientifically-based philanthropy b. 38 Billion dollars + 30.7 billion from Warren Buffett c. Criticisms of BG III. Digression: Trans-Timeism as Mode of Learning IV. Pericles Again a. Pericles as gold standard of citizenship b. What did Pericles do? c. Citizenship as world-making and responsibility-taking
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Unformatted text preview: d. Citizenship as a Power V. Citizenship Power and Adult Learning a. The inescapability of citizen responsibility b. The role of learning c. Moving citizenship from vague idea to well-furnished vision VI. The idea of a Pathway a. The Arc de Triomphe and the Place de lEtoile b. Pathway as Dao c. Seven Pathways to Citizenship d. Pathway as analytical concept problems with it VII. Introduction to the class and its syllabus...
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