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University of California, Los Angeles Political Science-115C Brian Walker Fall 2008 3347 Bunche Hall [email protected] 7 Pathways to Citizenship This is a course about the powers of citizenship. How can we best unlock, in our own time and predicament, the energy of service that Aristotle and others have praised? What are some of the dominant pathways of service, here and now, for people like us? What does good citizenship mean in a world buffeted by marketing, by the stresses and powers of technology, by looming ecological peril? We start with a tour of the best of what has been thought and said about citizenship in the past. We also look at some model citizens, people held up as examples from which we can gain inspiration (Pericles, Gifford Pinchot, Charles Young, Bill Gates). Even though each person has to find his or her own route to service, it is still useful to think about other people and what they have done. Learning about the choices and habits of great citizens feeds our imagination about the possibility of service in general, creating a nice backdrop against which we might explore our contemporary questions. Requirements ; Reading Quizzes 15% -- (There will be four such quizzes; only your top three will be counted) Participation in discussion groups 10% (see note below) One six-page paper, due October 9 th 25%: Answer the following question: What are some of the most important ways in which the classical republican model of citizenship (as we find it portrayed in Plutarch and Cicero) differs from our current model of citizenship (Zukin et. al.)? Journal 30% Please hand in your journal entries to your TA each week at the beginning of section. These journal entries will be graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory standard each week (not handing in your journal at the beginning of your section meeting counts as an automatic unsatisfactory). If you receive three “unsatisfactory” grades in the quarter you will lose seven marks (out of a hundred) on your journal score. Thus an 87 on your final journal grade would be marked down to an 80. Your final journal grade will based on your polished journal entries, to be handed in on the last day of class. All journal entries are to be single-spaced. Please turn in your journals through before you bring them to class (See “Class Rules” at the
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end of this syllabus). Due dates for the journals are given in the syllabus below (don’t follow the ones on Final Examination 20% Your participation grade is determined by your attendance and participation in classes and discussion sections; you lose 2 points (out of a possible 10) for every class or discussion group that you miss without a doctor’s note. Required Reading:
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psM115syllabus - ,LosAngeles Political Science-115C Fall...

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