October 13 Chapter 8 Key Learning Terms

October 13 Chapter 8 Key Learning Terms - Involves...

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October 13, 2005 Transition from Harris to Gellar… Overview of what we will be covering Master the vocabulary and you will do well on the test Read the chapter ahead of time Organize the notes before class Two themes for rest of the class: 1. How do we explain behavior? What makes us do what we do? Classical conditioning Involves involuntary behavior like reflexes and things we don’t have control over Example: Pavlov and his experiments with unconditioned responses in dogs Adaptation : Advertisement in the media is used as a means of conditioning humans Drinking or eating something once, and having the harmful consequences last Relevant for phobias and fear of certain things Operant conditioning Skinner believed that behavior is determined by consequences
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Unformatted text preview: Involves voluntary behavior and shaping of behavior over time Modeling We learn from watching others Example: Bo bo dolls and the kids Implication: Do we model ourselves? Chapter 12 Motivation and Emotion Drive theory vs Self-actualization Some believe we only meet our basic need Humanists say we try to self-actualize and be all we can be Spend time mastering vocabulary. Chapter 14 Social Psychology The power of social situations Example: shocking the person in the next room Chapter 17 Therapy Three different types 1.Psychoanalysis 2.Behavioral Therapy 3.Humanists Chapter 15 Stress and Health Chapter 18 Psychology in Action How do we apply principles to make people safer, happier, etc....
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October 13 Chapter 8 Key Learning Terms - Involves...

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