October 11 Sleep Disorders

October 11 Sleep Disorders - During a night terror they are...

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October 11, 2005 Sleep disorders Sleep onset insomnia: where you are really tired but once you hit the bed you can’t sleep Part of the problem is the brain conditioning locations to actions Narcolepsy: associated with a high level of arousal producing symptoms Cataplexy = paralyzed and trapped in his body Hallucinations = Night terrors: associated with rapid heart rate, might have amnesia Big problem with military personnel when they return from battle
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Unformatted text preview: During a night terror, they are on there toes and screaming Somnambulism: refers to sleepwalkers Occurs during stage 4 sleep Sleep apnea (pick wicken’s syndrome): respiration problems as sleep occurs Person is usually a loud snorer Bruxism: grinding of the teeth occurring during light sleep Enuresis: bed wetting Very deep sleepers Dr. David Harrison Dept. Psych Course Number: 2004 Index No.: 94430 Dr. Gellar...
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