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October 32 Chapter 15 Stress and Health

October 32 Chapter 15 Stress and Health - Lecture...

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October 32, 2005 Lecture Notes “Worry never lessons the sorrow of tomorrow, it only saps the strength of today” –Dale Gray Type A person: restless, time oriented Key ingredient to being type A and not worrying about a heart attack is being pleasant, not grumpy Key Stress & Health Psychology Terms (Lefton & Brannon, 2006, Chapter 15) Stress: pressure to perform After optimal pressure, you lose the perception of control and it becomes distress and too much pressure. Key concepts from Drum Demonstration Accountability: Stress: he would practice, because he would be held accountable Practice with feedback Responsibility Distress: being overwhelmed by pressure and taking big steps Learned Helplessness: When you fill overwhelmed, break it down Synergy: when the whole, is greater than the sum of it’s parts Environmental Event Primary Appraisal Noticed Accepted Important Unnoticed Denied Harmless Stressor No Stressor Secondary Appraisal No control (Pessimistic) In Control (Optimistic) Negative Stress (Distress) Positive Stress
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