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september 22 Chapter 5 Development

september 22 Chapter 5 Development - Aging Geropsychology...

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September 22, 2005 Aging Geropsychology Why aging? Demographics What is aging? Thought to be chronology from birth, but this cannot be true. There is tremendous variability among the aged. What happens with aging? Increased rigidity, decreased flexibility, and a period with increased stressors and demands to be met. They want to be independent of children and not a burden. If they have judged themselves by the work done, and they are no longer working, they feel useless and have an increased need to be useful. Women in research tend to have a strong social support network, and men depend more on the spouse. Who are the aged? The fastest growing segment of our population. There are 69 men for 100 women age 65 and older. There are 57 men for every 100 women age 75 and older. 50% of mentally ill patients are elderly. Where are they? 18% of men live alone, and 43% of women live alone. Vass majority of the elderly live in a family setting 4-5% resides in a nursing home care unit.
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