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2008 Fall 101 Activity & Test Schedule

2008 Fall 101 Activity & Test Schedule - ACTIVITY TEST...

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ACTIVITY & TEST SCHEDULE Introduction to Music Music 101 -- Section 001 Dr. Hinckley, instructor Wednesday, September 3— Discussion: Introduction; Blackboard; Update Personal Info Assignment #1: Explore Blackboard. Read the Syllabus and Activity & Test Schedule extremely carefully. Be prepared to discuss these documents at the next class session. Be prepared to ask any questions you may have about them. Assignment #2: Read starting at “Listening” on page xvi through the end of page xviii. Also read pp. 3-6. At the next class session, be prepared with any questions you may have about the reading assignment. Friday, September 5 —Discussion: Course Documents; Concert Etiquette Assignment : Read pp. 7-16. At the next class session, you may be called upon to explain verbally the concepts covered in the reading. Pay particular attention to underlined words, section headings, and words in bold print or italics. When called upon in class you may refer to your notes but you should use your own words—NOT a book definition! Concepts become integrated into your own knowledge when you can restate them in your own words. Creativity is much valued, appreciated and rewarded in this class.   SYLLABUS and ACTIVITY & TEST SCHEDULE QUIZ  ( located on Blackboard under “Assignments”; available until September 22 nd at 10 a.m.) Monday, September 8 —Discussion: pp. 7-16. pitch, dynamics ( forte, piano, pianissimo, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, fortissimo, piu, meno, subito, crescendo, decrescendo, diminuendo ), tone color, timbre, rhythm, beat, accent, meter, measure, bar, bar lines, simple meter, duple meter, triple meter, compound meter, irregular meters, nonmetrical, syncopation, tempo ( adagio, andante, moderato, allegretto, allegro, presto, largo, lento, grave, larghetto, andantino, vivace, vivo, molto allegro, prestissimo, accelerando, ritardando, rallentando, fermata, a tempo ) Assignment: Read pp. 16-24. As in the previous class period (and in all subsequent class periods), you should be able to creatively explain the concepts covered in the reading. Wednesday, September 10— Discussion: pp. 16-24. scale, interval, octave, diatonic scale, chromatic scale, flat, sharp, natural, half step, whole step, scores Assignment: Read pp. 25-36. Friday, September 12 —Discussion: pp. 25-36. melody, tune, phrase, sequence, cadence, motive, theme, harmony, chord, consonance, dissonance, resolution, texture (monophony, homophony, polyphony [counterpoint], imitative polyphony, non-imitative polyphony), tonality, tonic, modality, major mode, minor mode, keys, modulation
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Assignment: Read pp. 37-47. Monday, September 15 —Discussion: pp. 37-47. strings (violin, viola, cello, bass, pizzicato, harp), woodwinds (flute, piccolo, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, saxophone), brass (trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba), percussion (timpani, glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, chimes, cymbals,
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2008 Fall 101 Activity & Test Schedule - ACTIVITY TEST...

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