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Chemical Kinetics Lab-1

Chemical Kinetics Lab-1 - Experiment 6 Chemical Kinetics by...

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Experiment 6: Chemical Kinetics by Shailly Prasad Lab Instructor: Mr. Neuman February 25, 2008
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Purpose: To determine exactly how the reaction rate for the reaction between peroxydisulfate and iodide ion depend on their concentrations and temperature. Results and Discussion: In this lab four types of experiments were carried out with three trials each under different conditions. The first experiment was the control, while the next 3 experiments two of the concentrations were changed and ones temperature changed. By changing these variables it would result in data that would necessary for the calculations to find the relationship between reaction rate and concentration and reaction rate and temperature. Using the following equation, the rate of reaction can be calculated for each trial: Rate of Reaction = ½ (([Na 2 S 2 O 3 ])(Volume of Na 2 S 2 O 3 )/(Total Volume)) x (1/∆t) Data and Calculations from Experiment 1: [KI] = .16M [S 2 O 8 2- ] = .12M [S 2 O 3 2- ] = .0055M Temp: Room Temperature (20.2°C) Trial # Volume of I - Volume of S 2 O 8 2- Volume of S 2 O 3 2- Time Rate of Reaction 1 20.5 mL 13.3 mL 29.2 mL
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