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July 30th lecture notes - 1136 King Fulk gave them control...

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Steven Segal History 309 July 30 th ; Week #3, Day#3 Topic #2: Military Orders 1. The Knights Templar (p. 47) a. Founded by “Hugh of Payns” i. Patrolled roads for pilgrims that were on their way from the port of Jaffa to Jerusalem b. Bernard of Clairvaux approved of this group i. Received a Rule and papal acceptance in 1128 c. Baldwin II also approved of this military order i. Gave group a headquarters in al-Aqsa ii. The crusaders called this the “Temple of Solomon” d. They built huge castles as they were given more territory to protect 2. The Hospitallers a. Also known as “the Knights of the Hospital of St. John” b. Did not start out as a military organization c. Created to take care of sick pilgrims d. 1113: became a religious order separate from the monastery of St. Mary of the Latins i. Still were not militaristic e.
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Unformatted text preview: 1136: King Fulk gave them control of a fortress near Ascalon i. Still not believed to be militaristic f. During the 12 th Century, many castles were handed over them i. This forced them to create a military arm of the order to protect these g. By the beginning of the 13 th century, military responsibilities overshadowed the care of the poor and sick i. The caring of the poor and sick was still existent 3. St. Lazarus a. Another military order b. Were knights of leparacy 4. The Job of Military Orders a. They were “a reliable presence of expert soldiers dedicated to the defense of the Christian East” (p. 49) b. Starting in about the 1130s, they were the army of Jerusalem i. Their obtained wealth is though to have lessened their ideals with time (p. 49) ii....
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