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Name: _________________________________ Date: _________________ Block: ___________ Cry, the Beloved CountryDialectical Journal Topics to select for quotes: Fathers & sonsCrying/CryProtestProgress or oldways vs. newHomeCommunityPrejudiceJustice/injustice Love Family Journeys Ch andpg. # TopicQuoteInference – commentary How does this quote connect to the topic you selected? What does Paton want the reader to “see” based on what is happening in the quote? Ch pg Ch pg Ch Pg Ch Pg Ch Pg
Dialectical Journal Rubric Ch pg Ch Pg Ch Pg Ch Pg Ch Pg Critical Reader5Connected Reader4Thoughtful Reader3Literal Reader2 Developing Reader 1 Quotation &critical thinkingDetailed, meaningful. Analysisalways links specifically back toquotes.Less detailed but still good.Analysis usually linkspecifically back to quotes.Few good details. Analysislinks to quotes. But is notspecific.Poor if any details. Rarelyincludes ideas about thequote in analysisNever includes ideas other than superficial interpretations.
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