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EE 11 20Fall 20 prep 20 for 20final

EE 11 20Fall 20 prep 20 for 20final - Final Exam 50 minutes...

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Final Exam: 50 minutes in length, Friday, December 7, 9:10 – 10:00 AM in regular classroom 03-213
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Email from Vice Provost, sent on 11/5/2007: Subject: IMPORTANT! Please Stop Unapproved Rescheduling of Final Exams All: I understand that some instructors are ignoring university requirements relating to final exams. In particular, they are rescheduling finals so that they take place earlier in finals week or during the the last week of instruction. We've heard of students who feel pressured or required to take their finals early, and who hesitate to complain to the instructor or department head because of fear of retribution via grades. In some cases the rescheduling creates conflicts with other, regular classes. This is unfair to the students (and other instructors, whose classes are no less important) and opens the University to charges that we are failing to deliver what the State and the students are paying us for. PLEASE TAKE PROACTIVE STEPS TO REMIND INSTRUCTORS ONCE AGAIN THAT THEY ARE REQUIRED, FOR MOST LECTURE CLASSES, TO FOLLOW THE PUBLISHED EXAM SCHEDULE UNLESS THEY HAVE OBTAINED PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL FROM THEIR DEAN AND HAVE ALSO NOTIFIED UNIVERSITY SCHEDULING AT LEAST TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE. The latter
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