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Journal 9-18-08

Journal 9-18-08 - national legislation not a state matter...

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9/18 Journal 3 Each of the four readings deals with a different piece of legislation, the first with Article 14 of the New York State Constitution, the second with NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act), the third with CITES (Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species) and the last with the Endangered Species Act. Article 14 goes about protecting natural resources by protecting forest preserve on a statewide level through our state constitution, declaring that any lands of the state whether currently owned or acquired in the future which are lawfully constituting forest preserve shall forever be kept as wild forest lands— not to be leased, sold, or damaged. The second article discusses NEPA which is a
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Unformatted text preview: national legislation, not a state matter like the previous article 14. It establishes US policy to promote environmental enhancement, and the most important part was its establishment of the requirement of Environmental Impact Statements for federal actions. The third article discusses CITES, which is an international agreement (treaty) that seeks to regulate trade of flora and fauna. The fourth and final reading discusses another piece of national legislation, the Endangered Species Act, which protects endangered and threatened species in various ways. In conclusion, while all of these readings deal with environmental policy, they are all on different levels—state, federal, and international....
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