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Regents Prep Sheet - Andrew Notaro POW VI Regents: Living...

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POW VI Regents: Living Environment Biology The Living Environment Regents is given in June, August, and January. Your scheduled to take this exam and want some reassurance on what this exam will be like. Well this worksheet will hopefully help you and make you feel comfortable about what to expect. But in the end the best way to prepare for these exams is to take past exams and check your answers. At the conclusion of this worksheet a few sample questions will be given for each section. Exam Info Exam Format Exam Part Question Type # Of Questions Raw Score A Multiple Choice 30 30 B Multiple Choice/Open  Ended 28-30 25 C Content Real World  Situations 8-9 17 D Data Analysis 10-12 13 TOTAL RAW SCORE 85 In order to pass on the latest regents exam given (August 2007) a score of a 41/85 was needed to score a 65. Exam Content and Material This is a list of all material that was taught during the school year and is fair game on the Regents Exam: Organization of Life A. Living vs. Nonliving B. Population Diversity C. Organizational Levels D. Cell Structure E. Life Functions F. Cellular Communication Heredity and Genetics A. DNA B. Asexual v. Sexual Heredity
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Regents Prep Sheet - Andrew Notaro POW VI Regents: Living...

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