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Pre Test 1. What process is used by 86% of schools even though there is no formal legislation? a) Individualized Education Program b) Special Education c) Peer Tutoring d) Prereferral Intervention 2. What did the reauthorization in 2004 of IDEA build upon? a) Create a more inclusive setting for general education b) Allowed more hands on technology c) Create short term objectives in an Individualized Education Program d) Create the need for Comprehensive Education 3. In an Individualized Education Program, all phrasing should be written in a __________________tone 4. True or False _____ PIT stands for Progressive Individualized Teams 5. What is the first thing that occurs when a referral has been submitted?
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Unformatted text preview: a) The superintendent of schools is made aware b) A letter is sent home to the parents c) The child is first told d) The teacher is made aware 6. True or False ______ In an Individualized Education Program performance is only based on a formal scale of assessments. 7. All goes in an Individualized Education Program should be _______ since it’s impossible to measure how far a student will succeed a) Reasonable b) Below average students c) Above average students d) Based on strict guidelines 8. True or False ______ It is very easy for teachers to voice their concern about a student....
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