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SCED 105 1. Science is the ability to looks at the worlds phenomena and be able to explain it through experiments and results. Not necessarily being limited to the scientific method, but through many other ways of obtaining information. Science is a field based on why and how things happen. 2. The main difference between science and technology is experiments in science are always being done but technology on the other hand, only advances when both science and society have needs to fulfill and a problem to solve. Science does fuel technology and technology does fuel science. It’s a never ending cycle. For example basic science would not advance without the development of particle accelerators, chromatographs, etc. But on the other hand there would be no reason for technology to develop these things without the discovery of atoms, or DNA. 3. Science is an art that is based upon hypothesis and backing that hypothesis through facts. While religion and myths do influence society greatly, the science society is different.
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