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chapter 1 review questions - 547:470 Chapter 1 Review...

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547:470 Chapter 1 Review Questions 1. The technical advances that created the internet have increased the need for security in system operations because interconnection of networks in different locations had become vital to day-to-day operations of any type of business, especially commerce. But the interconnectedness of networks, and the wealth of personal and financial information stored on these networks has led to escalating criminal attacks on the system security. System security had become absolutely necessary in an effort to protect information. 2. The trend in IT that has eliminated the “we have technology people to handle technology problems” approach to securing systems is the permeation of technology into every facet of a business environment. Businesses have become more portable and fluid, and the concept of computer security has evolved into information security, which covers a broader range of issues that are the responsibility of every employee. 3. An organization’s 3 communities of interest that engage in efforts to solve InfoSec problems are: 1. Information security managers and professionals – Network Administrators, Network Engineer, Programmers 2. IT managers and professionals – Tech Support, Service Techs, Computer systems analysts, Network Administrators etc… 3. Nontechnical general business managers and professionals – Project Manager, Office Manager, Assistants, Secretaries, etc… 4. The definition of security is the “quality or state of being secure – to be free from danger”. A secure state is achieved by the implementation of a multi-layered security system, which utilizes several strategies simultaneously. It must be properly planned, organized, staffed, directed and controlled. 5. The specialized areas of security are: a. Physical Security – strategies to protect people, assets, and the workplace from various physical threats. b. Operations Security – securing the organization’s ability to carry out its operations without compromise. c. Communications Security - the protection of an organization’s communications media, technology, and content and its ability to use these tools to achieve objectives.
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d. Network Security – the protection of an organization’s data networking devices,
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chapter 1 review questions - 547:470 Chapter 1 Review...

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