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FIN 401_Fall08_Syllabus - FIN 401: Principles of...

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1 FIN 401: Principles of Investments and Security Markets Fall 2008 Dr. Yvette S. Harman Office: 116-B Upham Phone: 529-5986 and by appointment E-mail: Course Objective The purpose of this course it to introduce students to the concepts, tools, and terminology associated with the investment environment. These concepts and tools apply to all investors and individuals interested in wealth maximization. Required Text Essentials of Investments, 7th Edition ; Bodie, Kane, and Marcus (McGraw-Hill/Irwin 2008) Recommended Financial Resources The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Investors’ Business Daily, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week,,,,,,,, Calculators I strongly recommend that you purchase a calculator with financial/business functions. Grading Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Final Exam 30% Individual Minitests 10% Team Minitests 10% Writing Assignment 10% Total 100% Minitests are quizzes typically consisting of ten questions. I have scheduled three minitests for the semester. You will first complete the minitest individually. Then, you will complete the same minitest with your team. Students who are present will receive both an individual and a team grade. Students who are not present will receive a zero for both. You can expect several unannounced team minitests and/or assignments. Students who miss class when an unannounced team minitest is given will receive a zero on that minitest, unless the absence has been cleared with me ahead of time. (Note: I do not give make-up minitests.) Exam Policy Three exams will be given during the semester (this includes the final exam). If you miss either of the first two
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FIN 401_Fall08_Syllabus - FIN 401: Principles of...

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