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Question Set #5

Question Set #5 - 3 Name 2 essential amino acids Two...

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Russ Caudill SAAS   113 Question set 5 September 30, 2008 1.) In what basic units are fats absorbed across the small intestine? Fat globuals are the basic units fats are absorbed from the small intestine. 2.) What basic units are proteins made of? The basic units of proteins are made of amino acids, containing nitrogen,  Hydrogen, oxgen and sometimes sulfur.
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Unformatted text preview: 3.) Name 2 essential amino acids? Two essential amino acids are methione and lysine. 4.) What are four functions of protein in an animal? The four funtctions of a protein in animals are to, support fuild balance, acid base balance and immune factors. In addition proteins serve as a source of energy and glucose....
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