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PSYCH 335: HUMAN FACTORS PSYCHOLOGY Winter 2007 Review Questions for FINAL The final will be comprehensive. Use this review sheet and the review sheets for the two Tests and quizzes. The exam will include multiple choice, short answer questions, and matching. You will be expected to know important terms and definitions. You may be asked to trouble shoot, to interpret data or figures, and to do some calculation. I recommend that you review the first two exams and quizzes as well as the review sheets for these exams, the book chapters, your lecture notes, class handouts, and the terms and concepts below covered since Test 2. Chapter 12 and related lectures
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Unformatted text preview: is covered the review questions for Test 2. Chapter 13 and related lectures Environmental stressors such as noise Psychological stressors such as cognitive appraisal Attention narrowing Yerkes Dodson Law Workload, mental workload Vigilance Sleep, sleep deprivation/sleep loss, shiftwork, circadian rhythms, jet lag, sleep inertia Human Factors and Aging Age-related differences in vision and audition Age-related differences in working and long-term memory Age related differences in reaction time and movement time Age related strength differences Age-related differences and driving; is it possible to predict problems Time of day effects...
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