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Personality Theories - Personality Theories Paradoxes...

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Personality Theories Tuesday, October 23, 2007 Paradoxes Stability: "You have changed…" Consistency: "You are not yourself today…" Seymour Epstein Both sides of consistency issue are correct Situations control behavior in a given instance, and broad consistencies do exist Consistencies become visible when we add behaviors together, an approach termed aggregation The interactionalists approach Personality Consistency Is personality more consistent at some points in lifespan? Evidence indicates that personality is at least stable The trait approach: "You are what you are born" o People have a number of characteristics or traits such as honesty, aggressiveness or anxiousness that control specific types of behavior o No outside influences (nature, not nurture) o Do not explain developmentally how things came by o Can we specify a LIMITED number of basic traits that we can use to accurately describe people's personalities? Ideographic approach say no Nomothetic approach say yes o Eysenck's Hierarchical model of personality Types of traits: Cardinal traits (superordinate trait level) Central traits (Habitual response level, HR2) Secondary traits (Specific response level, SR) 3 Traits Introversion vs Extraversion Neuroticism vs Stability Psychoticism vs Considerate Melancholic (moody), Choleric, Phlegmatic (controlled), Sanguine o The "Big Five" Personality Dimensions (OCEAN) O penness/ Culture/ Intellect C onscientiousness/ Dependability E xtraversion A greeable N euroticism/Emotional stability o Research on the "Big Five" traits Dark side to conscientiousness
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Personality Theories - Personality Theories Paradoxes...

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