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Social Cognition

Social Cognition - Social Cognition Perception Three types...

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Social Cognition & Perception Thursday, October 11, 2007 Three types of behavior The way we size up ourselves Self Concept Self Schema (cocktail party effect) Self Esteem The way we size up others The way we size up the world What is social cognition? The process through which we notice, interpret, remember, and use information to make judgments and decisions about the social world How do we form first impressions? "Theory of Thin Slices" -- Ambady & Rosenthal study, 90s "Thin slices" studies determined that students arrive at ratings for teachers after watching 30 seconds of silent content-free video that are highly consistent (r=0.76) with end-of- semester ratings How friendly is X? 3 Primacy Effect Not all incoming information counts equally We give more weight to early information Confirmation Biases Verify existent beliefs, only looking at information that confirms our own Self Fulfilling Prophecy (Behavioral confirmation biases)
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