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Close Reading, Coetzee

Close Reading, Coetzee - December 3 2006 Freshmen Writing...

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December 3, 2006 Freshmen Writing Close Reading Mental Capacity Equals Moral Obligation For as long as anyone can remember, the debate of animal rights has been a heated topic with no absolute answer. While some believe that being animals ourselves and being higher on the food chain, it is only natural for us humans to consume animals. At the same time, there are some that feel the exploitation of animals for any reason, even for food, is morally wrong. In her novel, Coetzee presents this argument from many different angles and shows an interesting point of view from the standpoint of the philosopher. By emphasizing the capacity and capability of the human mind, Costello demonstrates the possibility for humans to think there way into the existence of non- rational beings, therefore allowing them to be sympathetic to the plight of animals. Coetzee attempts to portray the point of view that if one can imagine themself into the mind of an animal, they should have sympathy for their situation. It may seem
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