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Social Development - Social Development Thursday, October...

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Unformatted text preview: Social Development Thursday, October 04, 2007 Themes in Child-Development Research Early development is related to later development but not perfectly Development is always jointly influenced by heredity and environment Children help determine their own development Development in different domains is connected Gender constancy: relates to cognitive domain Developmental Research Methods Two Strategies to Measure Developmental Change Longitudinal Research: behavior of one or more individuals Is measured as the subjects age Drawbacks: dropout rate (death), difficult to control subjects (distance), financial burdens (really expensive) Cross-Sectional Research: people of different ages are compared at the same point in time Drawbacks: different cultural backgrounds Main Research Issues Nature-Nurture Issue Nature: traits, abilities, and capabilities inherited from one's parent Genetic Nurture: environmental influences that shape behavior Environment Stability vs. Change Importance of early experiences If it is poor or missing, can later experience "make up" for it? Sometimes. Stability and change, one can mold the behavior of the baby Continuous Change vs. Discontinuous Change In continuous change, development is gradual Discontinuous change occurs in distinct steps or stages...
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Social Development - Social Development Thursday, October...

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