Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders - Psychological Disorders DISORDERS...

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Psychological Disorders Thursday, October 25, 2007 DISORDERS AND THERAPIES What is abnormal? o Statistical Infrequency o A violation of social norms o Personal distress o Disability/dysfunction o Unexpectedness Abnormality is defined as o Atypical o Disturbing o Maladaptive and harmful o Unjustifiable Insanity is a legal ruling that an accused individual is not responsible for a crime Five Axes of DSM-IV o Axis I -- Clinical Syndromes (NB: Syndrome -- a collection of symptoms) o Axis II -- Personality disorders and mental retardation o Axis III -- General medical conditions o Axis IV -- Psychosocial and environmental stressors o Axis V -- Current level of functioning The Mental Disorder Continuum range of distress Maximal mental disorder <-------------------------> Absence of mental disorder Co-morbidity o Many people suffer from more than one psychological order (and numbers are increasing) 52% of American population show no symptoms throughout life 21% show one psychological disorder 13% show two disorders 14% show 3 or more disorders Anxiety Disorders (14.6% of population) o Phobias Specific (simple) -- intense, paralyzing fear of some object or thing Social -- excessive, inappropriate fears connected with social situations or performances in front of other people o Panic disorder An anxiety disorder characterized by recurrent panic attacks Panic attack -- a sudden, unpredictable, and overwhelming experience of intense fear or terror without any reasonable cause o Generalized anxiety disorder An anxiety disorder characterized by prolonged vague but intense fears that are not attached to any particular object or circumstance 4% of general population has this More women diagnosed than men Joan's Clinical Interview Joan is persistently anxious
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Uncontrollable worry about ALL kinds of things o Obsessive-compulsive disorder An anxiety disorder in which a person feels driven to think disturbing thoughts
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Psychological Disorders - Psychological Disorders DISORDERS...

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