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Computer Science and Engineering 331 Computer Organization and Design Fall 2008 Homework #3. MIPS Programming Assignment Points: 15 (Pair programming assignment) Due: Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008 by 11:55pm You are to implement an iterative version of the binary search algorithm. The high level code for binary search is given below. It takes as input a sorted array of numbers and an integer called the search_value . If the search_value exists as a number in the array, then the position of the search_value is reported. Otherwise, failure is reported. //start = index of the first element of the array //end = index of the last element of the array //search_value = the value that we are looking for in the array while (start < end) { if(start > end) { printf("\n Not Found"); break; } else { mid = (start+end) / 2; if (A[mid] == search_value) { printf("\n Found at %d", mid); break; } else { if (A[mid] > search_value) { end = mid - 1 ; } else { start = mid + 1 ; } } } }
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Explanation of the Code During each iteration of the loop, the middle element of the array is compared with the search_value. If the middle element is the value that is being searched for, the loop terminates. On the other hand, if the middle element is not equal to search_value, a decision is made on which 'half' of the array to continue the search in. Remember that
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