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Psych C19 Homework 1

Psych C19 Homework 1 - Name Vishal Puravankara Student ID...

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Name: Vishal Puravankara Student ID: 26332395 Name of GSI: Charlie Huang Discussion Section: 108 Due: 09/11/2015 (Friday) Homework Assignment The drug scopolamine is something that is used by criminals to alter one’s free will and decisions thereby taking advantage of them such as robbing them of their belongings. Nicknamed “Devil’s Breath”, scopolamine is not easily available as it is a psychoactive substance that isn’t used for any intentional high or pleasure but is rather used as a drug against someone; which has resulted in around 50,000 reported scopolamine incidents every year. Although scopolamine has been mentioned as “the most dangerous drug in the world” there are multiple theories that claim the whole thing is an urban myth. Despite having most cases of scopolamine incidents coming from Columbia and Ecuador the drug has moved on to Europe, Paris, where people have been arrested for abusing the drug on others by making them inhale the scopolamine and then stealing their valuables. However on the
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