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david lin 1 - Homework Assignment David Lin based his...

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Homework Assignment David Lin based his experiences around three main mottos, they included “No matter how bad things are, you can always turn things around”, “Starting off on the wrong foot, and ending up on the right one” and “Chasing the wrong dream and how I switched to the right one.” Lin initially spoke about his college experience as a freshman when he missed two weeks of his computer science class and turned up twenty minutes late for his CS exam. Due to his poor results his professor called him in and after a discussion about his start up, which was a project on bionic gloves for a specific purpose, his professor ended up joining his team as the cofounder of the startup, which has now been acquired by the U.S. Government. In the second part of David Lin’s experience he talks about a situation that happens to be out of your control and how should you deal with it and how do you figure out what is the best way to step through that to make sure everything’s ok. Lin eventually ended up getting a job at the company SAP and as a Data
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