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GOVT 1817- 9-18-2008 notes - Govt 1817- 9-18-2008 Beat the...

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Govt 1817- 9-18-2008 Beat the Devil? Explaining WWII I. Leftovers A. The Road to War B. Sorry about that? Japan’s bid to conquer Asia 1. 1931-1937- domestic problems a. Radicalization of politics b. Economic distress 2. 1931- Japanese occupation of Manchuria 3. 1937- Japan increases militarization and aims to conquer China 4. Japan wants to take over Southeast Asia- which were mostly colonized by Europe- for resources to conquer China 5. 1939- US ended trade negotiations with Japan 6. 1940- US embargoed Japan- steel, iron etc. a. Japan, Italy, and Germany entered a military alliance- the Axis Powers C. Poland, the Nazi-Soviet Pact and the Last Straw 1. 1939- Nazi-Soviet Pact a. Soviet reaction to the Munich Accord- saw it against the USSR b. Gives Germany a free hand to push into Poland whose independence was, however, guaranteed by Britain and France D. The Course of the War 1. A Close call!- Germany almost won by attacking France quickly 2. Battle of Britain- war for air supremacy over the English Channel a. Since Germany lost it was not able to attack Britain cross-channel b. Very close call- would’ve been able to secure the Western part of the continent then attack Russia as they intend 3. So then Hitler goes and attack USSR despite Nazi-Soviet Pact but stalls in the death of Russian winter and the longer supply lines as they push in
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Govt 1817- 9-18-2008 4. 1942- the tide turns 5. 1941- Japan makes a sudden and surprise attack on the US a. Rooted in the decision to conquer Southeast Asia to fuel its conquer
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GOVT 1817- 9-18-2008 notes - Govt 1817- 9-18-2008 Beat the...

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