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GOVT 1817- 10-1-2008 notes - GOVT 1817 Who Knew The End of...

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GOVT 1817- 10/1/2008 Who Knew? The End of the Cold War I. Where we Left Off a. The American War interpreting Tet b. Nixon- Vietnamization of the war- bomb Vietnam. c. Cold War cycles after the Vietnam War d. Early 70s- Arms Control 1. Early 1970s- US is looking to disengage itself from overseas military commitments. USSR military power has been growing stronger. 2. Détente - a relaxing of military tensions- understanding between US and USSR – “peaceful coexistence” a. SALT- Strategic Arms Limitation Talks- accepted Soviet parity for the US b. ABM (Anti-ballistic missile treaty)- each side committed to limit its anti- missile efforts to two sides of the country 3. 1975- ___ accords- ratified post World War borders of the European Continent 4. 1976- Jimmy Carter is elected- “the US has an inordinate fear of communism” 5. USSR search for proxy line in Africa? 6. Late 1970s- a. “New Cold War”- massive military buildup, talk about nuclear war, mass demonstrations and popular culutre b. The Russians invade Afghanistan- first time USSR projected military force beyond the Eastern European borders i. Violation of tacit understandings of how Cold War worked ii. Jimmy Carter- massive military buildup of US on its own c. US China relations become extremely strong to balance rising Soviet power
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GOVT 1817- 10-1-2008 notes - GOVT 1817 Who Knew The End of...

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