GOVT 1817- 9-16-2008 notes

GOVT 1817- 9-16-2008 notes - GOVT 1817 Causes of WWI 1...

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Unformatted text preview: GOVT 1817- 9/16/2008 Causes of WWI: 1. Horrible causes of the war 2. Very little is settled by the WWI- ended with exhaustion of central powers and overwhelming US resources 3. Failed war followed by a failed peace 1919- Armistice is not a peace treaty; it is a simply agreement to end fighting. I. After WWI- A Failed Peace A. The Treaty 1. Versailles Treaty was a very harsh peace; demilitarization of Germany and barred from the Rhineland, industrial section between France and Germany, creation of new states in Eastern Europe, creation of League of Nations created but not joined by the Americans 2. War guilt reparations- Germany is responsible for the war and had to pay to all the allies over the course of the next years B. Keynes’ Concerns 1. Keynes- UK 2. No plan for economic rehabilitation for Europe 3. War had disrupted economic order in Europe- the whole, the vanquished, the new states, and the victors C. Postwar confusion 1. Russia a. Russia is in Civil War b. Western Europe supported White Russians vs. Lenin’s Red c. 1918- western Allies wrecked Russian ports to “prevent build up of arms” esp. for Germany but was specifically for White Russians- remained in Russia even after war d. Three reasons: i. Western powers are against communism rise in Russia ii. Russia is suspicious towards west iii. Russia gave up a lot of stuff in the treaty so they later became the revisionist power GOVT 1817- 9/16/2008 2. Reparations and debts a. France had to pay indeminity to Germany after Franco-Prussian war so Germany had to pay them reparations b. Moreover, since most war was fought on French soil and German industry was still intact, Germany should pay them c. The Transfer Problem i. Can Europe handle the massive transfer of money from Germany (not to mention, how big?) without disrupting the economy d. America also demanded war debts from the Allies 3. Disarray a. All France was focused on was the threat of Germany...
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GOVT 1817- 9-16-2008 notes - GOVT 1817 Causes of WWI 1...

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