CSCL Review - 1CSCL Review KEYWORDS culture cultural...

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1 CSCL Review KEYWORDS culture cultural studies critical discipline (inter) discipline theoretical discipline interpretive discipline text practice consciousness high culture low culture homology subject subjectivity subject position interpellation inter-textuality theory sign signifier codes signified author reader consumption representation identity production weak bodies strong bodies intelligible bodies practical (useful) bodies agoraphobia anorexia bulimia cutting body practices hysteria politics poetics materiality historiography
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Names - Where did you get that name? - name changing to avoid conflict - black father, white mother, and an arabic name changes who you are (Malcolm X power) - no economic impact, Freakonomics (do names decide a person’s successful career?) - you might change your name & your friends/family understand, but for the rest of the world your name is open to interpretation What is needed to understand a name? Immigration history, family history, sexuality, power (who named you mother or father), literary history, literary theory “reader response theory”, sociology of ethnicity, critical race-has an explicit politics, geography, and psychoanalysis Meanings- are made up of USED words - are assigned - cultural studies tries to challenge them - are arbitrary, not fixed - lots of words come from/has meanings from history *Notes: Difficult to describe something w/o words: shows how trapped we are in our own language. There’s no private language (have to get someone else to go along w/ it) Irish- were looked at as dirty, savage, black people - was not okay to name child Irish name, now it is very common Megan etc. “How Irish Became White” Cultural Studies- new humanities - binds and separates Culture- exists in mind not in body, it is what we know: mentalistic concept - is a construction, every image is an argument - can be understood through the practices of human beings, texts - changes through time and varies from place to place - it both bonds us and separates us from one another - culture is politics playing out our individual collective consciousness - largest single component of the human brain 3 Focuses- RHETORIC-“argues” us into the ways we believe and live POWER- folds us into large, historical conversations & struggles over ideas and places in *Note: power’s application mayn’t be universal (rap power exists only in AA communities) Men in Black- What makes a man? Truck, gun, push wife around: Edgar, redneck man, could be looked at a punishment for pushing around his wife-feminist view, homosexual invasion? - Metamorphosis: alien taking over body
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CSCL Review - 1CSCL Review KEYWORDS culture cultural...

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