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Jacob Riis URBS 3001 December 4, 2006 Garden Cities Ebenezer Howard was a leader in early urban development. He began his work in response to overpopulation in London; Howard’s priority was to develop a plan to decentralize this population. His ideas for decentralization were articulated through his “Town and Country Magnet” philosophy. Howard’s ideas were for a utopian society that could not exist anywhere but paper. The implementation of the Town-Country Magnet society requires private investors. These investors are repaid, but it creates an unequal power distribution in the community from the onset. It is not possible for a society to be founded by entrepreneurial capitalism and have an equal distribution of resources and authority. The Town-Country Magnet society depends on business and industry to move to the community. The prime concern for industry is the availability of cheap and efficient labor. How could a community provide this with no established population? Business needs a market. What assurances will businesses
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