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Helpful Hints for Writing for URBS 1001/3001 In the two assignments that have been graded, there have been notable commonalities in writing errors: 1. The assignment lacks an argument. 2. The assignment relies on unsubstantiated statements as evidence. 3. Spelling and grammar mistakes appear We expect academic, college-level writing, including thesis statements, coherent and logical argumentation, well-considered analysis (including some thoughtfulness about significance or why it matters) and correct grammar. There are excellent resources to assist you with many of these issues at the bottom of this page. If you still have questions, contact the TAs and visit the Writing Center. Suggestions for critiques: 1. Understand the author’s argument and think about why it would be important and relevant for this course. 2. Derive an opinion about the author’s argument as well as its relevance. Do you agree? Disagree? Be prepared to say why. 3. Since the critiques are only one-page long, state your argument quickly and use
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