Notes 9.18.08

Notes 9.18.08 - -These films tended to attract black urban...

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ALL ON POWERPOINT MCO 460 9.18.08 Evolution of media stereotypes: From live stage to TV 1) historical social factors influenced media development and use of racial stereotypes 2) media AHANA stereotypes have roots in racists attitudes in society 3) nearly all early media AHANA depictions projected attitudes of white superiority Early Film Milestones: - 1903 the great train robbery - 1915 Birth of a nation - 1927 the jazz singer *****First penny newspaper – Benjamin Day***** Race in Media Portrayal - media depictions reflect an attitude of white superiority - whites played AHANAs in early stage and film fare - media carried a strong message against sexual contact between whites and AHANAs - ALL AHANA men lust after white women - AHANAs stereotyped as savages, ignorant, immoral, filthy, lazy and in need of guidance - by the 1970s we see black exploitation films and movies designed to attract mixed audiences - examples: “superfly”, “shaft” and “sweetback bad ass song”
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Unformatted text preview: -These films tended to attract black urban audiences, but not significant white audiences. 1980s-hollyhwood began to include movies produced and directed by blacks and latinos in the 1980s 1990s-black films appeared that depicted urban black life with a harsher edge such as: Boys in the hood and “new jack city” Portayals today-Stereotypes persist What can be done to reduce stereotypes-in television o hire more AHANA producers, writers, directors, editors, reporters and top executives-Increase the variety of AHANA TV and film roles-Write and produce programs that debunk stereotypes-In news o Be sensitive to harmful AHANA stereotyping o Be aware of cultural differences – don’t link all lations or all Asians together as single group o Be sensitive to racially biased or insensitive language...
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Notes 9.18.08 - -These films tended to attract black urban...

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