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Notes 9.11.08

Notes 9.11.08 - MCO 460 9.11.08 Social Cognitive Theory...

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MCO 460 9.11.08 Social Cognitive Theory - Focuses on how we are socialized by what we learn from media - Developed by Albert Bandura - Suggest media (TV & Movies), have the potential to impact our beliefs, attitudes and behaviors by providing models from which we learn about our social environment - Media teaches listeners, viewers and readers about the world - Social learning theory suggest that both direct and vicarious observations (Those learned through the experience of others or TV) contribute to learning. Walter Lippmann – Journalist and Scholar - Public opinion (1922 book) - The media give us the picture that’s in our heads - What we see in the media becomes reality in our mind Social Cognitive Theory - Viewers are not influenced by all television behavior models, but rather are motivated to learn behaviors when incentives or rewards are provided such as prestige, beauty, happiness and financial gain. - Many people that have limited opportunities for direct contact with people of other races about different ethnicities from media
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