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close reading, coetzee2

close reading, coetzee2 - Close Reading ENGL 1001 Reason...

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December 11, 2006 Close Reading ENGL 1001 Reason What is the ability to reason? It is hard to say exactly what the ability to reason entails. It is also difficult to distinguish which creatures and species aside from humans really have the ability to reason, rationalize and make decisions based on these rationalizations. In “The Poets and the Animals” sections of Coetzee’s The Lives of Animals , an argument concerning the reasoning ability of animals is one of the main focuses. By comparing animals to machines, Norma, the narrator’s wife portrays the idea that animals do not deserve rights like humans because they lack reason. One of the main reasons that humans have more rights than animals is that they are capable of rational thought processes. This is said to be what separates us as humans from animals. One of the characters in Coetzee’s book speaks on this subject and makes the claim that, “You cannot, in the abstract, distinguish between an animal mind and a machine simulating an animal mind.” (Coetzee 48)
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