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1) A listing agreement whereby the seller reserves the right to sell the property without having to pay a commission but also allows a real estate agent to sell the property and earn a commission a _____ listing? a) exclusive agency b) non-exclusive agency c) exclusive right-to-sell d) none of the above 2) the commission paid in the real estate brokerage industry traditionally is: a) a percentage of the listing price b) a fixed dollar amount per transaction c) a percentage of the contract price d) all of the above 3) the primary difference between a real estate salesperson is that: a) real estate salesperson do not need to be licensed by the government, but brokers must be licensed b) real estate salesperson must work for licesnsed real estate brokers c) real estate brokers do not need to be licensed by the government, but real
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Unformatted text preview: estate salespersons must be licensed. d) None of the above Ch 16 Question 1: B mortgage brokers typically do not service the load they are involved in originating. Ch 16 Question 2: PMI provides protection for the ____ in the event of mortgage default. D Lender CH 4 Questions: 1) As a result of the exercise of police powers (zoning), property owners receive: a) fair market value b) just compensation c) cost adjusted compensation d) none of the above 2) The comprehensive or general plan: a) does not need to be prepared for municipalities with a population below 5,000 B) is prepared based on the official map C)is the justification for assigning individual parcels their zoning classifications d) None of the above...
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