08 - PRO - 6 PRO Reformulated the Case Filter as Visibility...

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1/30/08 - PRO Reformulated the Case Filter as Visibility Condition New problem: It is still the case that it is not possible for PRO to occur in a non- Case position. Just restating the Case Filter doesn’t entirely solve the problems, because we still have to form the Visibility Condition to take into account both conditions. PRO has to move out of a non-Case position and can’t move out of a Case position Ernie tried PRO i to be arrested t i PRO is moving for different reason than lexical NP, having to do with PRO theorem, that it has to be in an ungoverned position Just has we can’t move lexical NPs out of Case-marked positions, so you can’t move PRO out of Case-marked position. *Ernie tried PRO i to seem to t i that … It would be nice if PRO was Case-marked, because it is behaving like lexical NP. That led to the idea that maybe PRO is Case-marked after all. It can’t be Case-marked in the same way as other lexical NPs. It can’t be assigned nominative or accusative Case for all previous reasons. Proposal that PRO is assigned a Case, a very special kind of Case called null Case, which is only assigned to PRO. Regular lexical NPs can’t get null Case. PRO can only have a null Case and can’t be assigned regular Cases. There is still something special we have to say about PRO. The traces left have to be assigned Case. Another empty category, pro, also must have Case. pro behaves just like an ordinary pronoun except it is null. 6-1 6
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Phi features associated with Case. PRO must have number and gender features. I want them to be officers. *They want me PRO to be officers. sing plural mismatch in number feature associated with subject of predicate and thing that follows it. PRO must agree in plurality. PRO must have gender features: Spanish: Juan cree PRO estar enfermo. Juan believes to be sick M M M To get the chain of agreement between adjective, subject of embedded clause, and Juan, we have to assume PRO has gender features as well. The original idea that PRO doesn’t have Case is getting weaker.
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08 - PRO - 6 PRO Reformulated the Case Filter as Visibility...

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