08 - A’-Movement

08 - A’-Movement - 10 A-Movement We have...

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2/18/08 - A’-Movement We have been mainly talking so far about A-movement - movement of subjects and objects into the subject position. A’ movement exempliFed by wh-movement I wonder [who John talked to __ ] embedded clause - the who winds up to the left of the subject Who did John talk to? main clause - also winds up at head of main clause di f erence between embedded clauses and main clauses is main clause in addition to mvt of wh-word also gets mvt of a verbal auxiliary/do-support -moving a verbal element to the left as well. in embedded that mvt doesn’t take place, just wh-word. wh-mvt is similar to A-movement in a number of respects The moved element has to C-command the trace Di f erences from A-movement: 1) In A’ movement, constituents of any category can be moved as long as they contain a [wh] feature. In A-movement just DP can be moved. In wh-mvt we can move just about any constituent. [ DP Which book] did you read __ DP containing wh-feature, whole DP moves [ PP To whom] did you talk __ whole PP containing the wh-word gets moved [ AP how high] are these mountains __ AP containing wh-word - mvt is an AP [ AdvP How fast] did he run __ The only real constraint on the thing that moves in wh- movement is constituent that is moved contains a wh- 10-1 10
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feature - that is the crucial element. Not really restricted as to category. No VPs?
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08 - A’-Movement - 10 A-Movement We have...

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