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R 121 midterm - her remenos at brauron 25 miles east...

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*Women at age 7, remain in women quarter. Food preparation, salad bread, but not meat. Learn skills of spinning and weaving(clothes). *Weaving: peplos(dress), piece of cloth, 5 to 6 feet. 2 steps: 1) Talasiourgein : “working with allotment”.cleaning, combing, spin the wool. Took about 3 pounds of wool.required 12 days to complete. 2)Histourgein “working the loom”, set up the warp weighted loom and weaving the piece of cloth.set up warp takes 4/5 days. Weaving take 1 week to 6months(depends on the pattern) * Arkteia means playing the she-bear: impotant ritual for young girls to honour artemis at
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Unformatted text preview: her remenos at brauron, 25 miles east southeast of Athens. Limited to 1 literary reference, difficult to interpret, several byzantine, number archaelogical artifacts from brauron. Celebrated every 5 years. *Parthenos:a girl who is ready for marriage. Her father can now begin to look for young man for his daughter to marry, immediately if she is already 13 or 14. They usually wear the first time a woman’s longer dress, with belt tied around the middle....
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