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Religion midterm - 21)progymnasmata 22)types of fable...

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1)Literary ethnography: Historical writings. Provide descriptive study of human societies. 2)Independent peasant: 3)Chora: 4)Kyrios: 5)Gorgias: 6)Mageiros: 7)Dorkon: 8)Lycainion: 9)Syntrophos: 10)Aristocratic household: 11)Eros: 12)Kottalos: 13)Primary curriculum: 14)Letter, syllables, words: 15)Agamemnon vs Achilles: 16)Paidagogos: 17)Ephebic training: 18)choice of herakles: 19)Wrestling: 20)The stadion at Olympia:
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Unformatted text preview: 21)progymnasmata: 22)types of fable: 23)polemo: 24)pheidias’ Zeus: 25)correlation of kinds of speech with soul: 26)pre Socratic philosophy: 27)Socratic shift: 28)ta ethika: 29)cardinal virtues: 30)aristippus and hedonism: 31)crates and zeno: 32)providence: 33)herakles and peristaseis: 34)All of life as a celebratory celebration:...
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