12th Lecture - Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy) - TR became...

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Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy) - TR became president in 1901. - He led an endlessly fascinating life, advocated the strenuous life, and largely created the modern presidency: he had many carriers, politician, cattle rancher, mountain climber, soldier, governor, vice president, police officer, he wasn’t afraid to tell his opinion about any subject. He was born into wealth, from the Oyster Bay (New York). He was raised in comfort, and graduated 5.0 from Harvard. He struggled with asthma but built himself into an athlete. After graduating form Harvard he entered politics but quit when his mom and sis died in his hands. He went to Dakota and became a rancher; he lived a life of a cowboy for several years, before returning east and reentering politics into the Republican Party as a reformer. He served in the army during the war and became a war hero (Spanish American war) and became governor of New York. He was popular but the leaders of the Republican Party didn’t like him because they thought he was crazy and unpredictable so they elected him into vice president. McKinley was shot and killed so TR became president (he was doing mountain climbing). He advocated a strenuous life, physical and mental toughness. He had a boxing ring in the white house, he jogged and played tennis frequently and forced others to join him. He loved to be the center of attention. He would transform the presidency by turning it in to an activist office, he would send legislation to congress and work to get legislation pass. He used what he called what he called the bully pulpit (making him very powerful) which gave him the ability to mold the public opinion. This caused a shift in the balance of power between the Congress and presidency. - The first progressive president (1 of 3): he tended to be a conservative by heart but he
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12th Lecture - Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy) - TR became...

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