14th lecture - The Open Door Notes The US interest grew in...

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- The Open Door Notes: The US interest grew in the eastern Asia and China. China’s government was very weak, and it was unable to control its borders. As a result, empyreal powers moved in like Germany, France, Russia, Japan, England. The empyreal powers didn’t let anyone trade with China, they wanted to create economic zones. The US didn’t want to acquire land in China but it wanted the Chinese economy to become open. The US didn’t like this, it wanted to have free trade with China, so the secretary of State (John Hay) sent a series of notes to the empyreal powers in which he requested that they open there zones to all nations not granting special favors to their own nation and finally that they respect China’s territorial integrity. The policy was accepted by the powers and the US was not prepared to use fore to enforce these notes. The most significant was that this open door policy would drive the US foreign policy in East Asia for the next 40 years. Secularism is the separation of religion form the public sphere. Pluralism: don’t allow an established church or any religion because u can’t choose one over the other, but it allows the free exercise of religion. There is religion in the public sphere. Big Stick Diplomacy: - TR’s foreign policy: he played a very important role. He wanted to use US power to promote US interest and maintain order in the US sphere of influence (Latin America). He used the Big Stick policy (speak gently and hold a big stick). He
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14th lecture - The Open Door Notes The US interest grew in...

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