13th lecture - Woodrow Wilson He believed in a strong...

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Woodrow Wilson: He believed in a strong activist government. He also believed that the government should do things and the president should do things. He believed that he should be America’s president and to be America’s destiny. He didn’t like to compromise. He could be intolerant and even inflexible to make up his mind. “I am sorry for those who disagree with me, because I know they are wrong:” He campaigned on the new freedom promising a powerful government. One he gets in to office, his program becomes similar to the nationalism (similar to Roosevelt). Federal Reserve act (1915): This created the Federal Reserve banking system creating a national bank for the US. It issued currency, and bored controlled interest rates. This made them a strong influence on the economy more than the president or the congress. Federal Trade Commission Act: Which created the FTC (federal trade commission), this was designed to enforce free and fair competition. It could investigate business practices including such things as price discrimination, deceptive advertising and proposed merges. It could issue rulings and enforce them. This gives the Federal government a strong control over business. Trust Busting: Wilson government will pass the Clayton Act which busts over a 100 trusts. When the US enters WWI trust busting will come to an end, when the US government will enlist the aid of the business. 18 th amendment: The prohibition outlawing of alcoholic beverages. 19 th amendment: Women’s suffrage (discussed earlier). The end of progressivism: - It came at the end of world war one and the failure of the Versailles Treaty in 1919. - Remained a potent force at the local level throughout the 1920s.
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13th lecture - Woodrow Wilson He believed in a strong...

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