15th lecture - Threats to the system Rise of Germany...

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Threats to the system: - Rise of Germany - Nationalism in the Balkans - Security - By 1914, the continent had bound itself into two competing blocks: a. Entente They were France, Russia and Britain. There were smaller forces involved. b. Central Powers They were Germany and Austria and initially Italy. When the war starts, Italy will switch sides and go to the Entente. There were other secret alliances such as Russia and Serbia. The continent was thinking offensively. WWI: - Assassination: in June 1914, the arch duke Francis Ferdinand visited Seri evil which was the capital of the Austrian territory of Bosnia. There he was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist. Bosnia had a large Serbian population there. Serbia and especially Serbian nationalists want Bosnia to be part of Serbia. The arch duke wanted to grant Bosnia autonomy (local rule) within the Austrian empire. Serbian nationalists didn’t like this. They assassinate the arch duke in hope of bringing Bosnia into Serbia. Austria is angry and demanded the trial of the people responsible for this. They sent a list of demands to Serbia and they refused one (Austria wanted to directly oversee the criminal prosecution) but Serbia thought that would threaten its soverenty Furthermore, Serbia was supported by Russia. Austria went to Germany and asked for back up and Germany accepted. Austria declared war on Serbia. Russia started mobilizing. France stated mobilizing and the German started mobilizing. The German thought that they have to attack instantly in order to take either
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15th lecture - Threats to the system Rise of Germany...

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