11th Lecture - Origins Muckrakers Who and what they did...

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Origins: Muckrakers: Who and what they did: They helped to make progressivism a national movement. Journalists and novelists who investigated and revealed the seamy details of corporate wrong doing, corruption in politics and the harsh realities of slum and factory life. Their findings were published in findings and newspapers read by the middle class. Ida Tarbell: he father had been in the oil business, but his company was destroyed by Rockefeller. When she grew up she investigated Standard Oil Company, Rockefeller’s techniques… Upton Sinclair: he published a novel “the jungle”. He discovered things about the meat packing business. How bad were the standards in the meat packing business. They provided progressivism with information and popular support by feeding the population with unpleasant facts about the industry. Woman’s Suffrage: When United States was created women were not given the right to vote. Many women wanted the right to vote and participate in politics of the United States and to be acknowledged as full citizens of the united states. The Seneca Fall’s Convention: It was in the house of Elisabeth Cady Stanton in 1849, they issued a declaration of women’s rights. Suzan B. Anthony and Elizabeth created the national suffrage association. This was a slow process. The first state to give women right was Wyoming. They wanted to attract people to the state. However this didn’t work. By the end of the 19 th century, Colorado, Utah and Idaho declared women suffrage.
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11th Lecture - Origins Muckrakers Who and what they did...

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