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The treaty of Versailles

The treaty of Versailles - The treaty of Versailles As part...

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The treaty of Versailles: As part of the treaty several new nations were created in Europe and the middle east. Ugoslavia, Chekoslovakia, Poland, finland…….. The League of Nations: Wilson essentially scarified the rest of the 14 points for this point. The most important point of the league of nation is article 10 which established the concept of collect vive security. This treaty was agreed to in 1919 and was presented to the Germans to sign it or they will occupy your country. The Germans didn’t have an option and they signed it. Wilson signed the treaty but under US law, the US doesn’t accept the treaty until the Senate agrees on it. Wilson had to go to the States and get the Senate to agree. The republican now control the senate and because Wilson refused to take any republicans with him to Paris, they felt no security for the treaty. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge hated Wilson and vice versa and had serious doubts about the League of Nations. He had old faith in the old balance of power than in the idea of collective security. He was concerned about article 10, he and many senators believed that this ment US had to support European Colonial Powers. He also fekt that the article Threadted cogngresses power to declare war. The Senate falls into three groups: -Irreconcilable: This was the smallest group. They oppsed ratification no matter what. They wanted nothing to do with Europe and most of the them oppsed US entry into WWI - Democtats who supported the treaty: they were loyal to Wilson and did what he says - Reservationists: this was the largest group. They supported ratification, but only if significant changes were made in the treaty. The most important of these was removing any automatic US commitment.
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