Results of Prohibition

Results of Prohibition - Results of Prohibition Positive...

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Results of Prohibition: Positive: - Alcohol consumption declined as did - arrest for public drunkness and - death caused by alcohol. Negative: -millions of Americans broke the law - Strenghthened organized crime - Undermined public morality by encouraging hepocracy - Showed the futility of forcing ppl o behave in ways that they do not want. Prohibition came to an end in 1933, when a new constitution came up repealing the 18 th amendment. Ku Klux Klan: In American hisoty there are 3 clans: 1 after the war, 1 duting the 20s, one during the rise era 50s and 60s The KKK was destrpyed during reconstruction, however after WWI it went throught a rapid period of growth. In 1920 there wwere 3000 members…by 1924 there were 3 million and maybe as 8 million members. The Klan was not for something as ot was against a lot of things. Its model was native white protestant supremacy. It was against blacks, foenegres, catholecs, jews and anyone not of anlo sakson decent. Its goal was to make America safe for Americans. They were against a lot of things. They were expressing their unease to the rapid changings in the US They had a huge political impact. They managed to elect mayors, city governments, state legostlators, senators and governers. They were located in the mid west, far west, and the south. In many states, you had to have the support of the Klan to win elections. The Klan would decline as rapidly as it appeared on the scene. By the end of the 1920s, it would disappear. 3 reasons for this decline: - the passage of the national origins act which meant that those foreigners and the jews were not welcomed to the country. - it had no idea what to do with its power. It allowed ppl to express their resentment, and their anger. It was not really able to govern.
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Results of Prohibition - Results of Prohibition Positive...

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