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V. Lohani, J. Lo, Fall 2006 ENGE, Virginia Tech Engineering Exploration ENGE1024 Workshop#7 Fall 2006 1. Problem Solving Part (individual and group work) Show that the volume of a “solid” pool noodle that has a cross section matching a regular polygon is given by: = n nL a V 2 360 tan 4 2 (Equation 1) Where: V = volume in cm 3 a = side length of polygon, cm n = number of sides in the polygon (n >= 3) L = length of the noodle, cm Note: Use OneNote for your work. Spend first 10 minutes working alone and then set up a collaborative session using OneNote and share your strategies with your group to come up with a group solution. 2. Inventor part (individual work) Use Inventor to create a pool noodle with a cross section matching a pentagon (side length = 4.0 cm, noodle length = 6.0 cm). Calculate its volume using the Inventor and
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Unformatted text preview: verify Inventor results using Equation 1 above. 3. MATLAB part (individual work) A. Use Equation 1 to compute volume V of a 8.0 cm long hexagonal noodle with different side lengths given in table 1 and complete the table. Table 1: Side length of hexagonal noodle (a), cm Volume (V) in cm 3 using Equation 1 1.00 2.00 3.80 5.60 12.5 Plot volume (V) as a function of side length (a) using MATLAB on linear, semi-log, and log-log paper. After identifying which plot yields data that best falls along a straight line, use the appropriate polyfit commands to determine the equation of the best fit line. Can you guess the values of ‘m’ and ‘b’ without using the polyfit commands? Note: Show your work to your workshop leader to receive credit for in-workshop work....
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