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Department of Engineering Education, Virginia Tech Ricky Castles, Clark Snelgrove, Vinod K Lohani, Jenny Lo Fall 2006 1 Use of Tablet PC in ENGE 1024 Instruction Document # 1 Introduction This document will introduce some basic features of Microsoft OneNote software which will be used in this course extensively. Before discussing these features, please familiarize yourself with the use of the campus wireless network as described below: Wireless All students in ENGE 1024 should register to use the campus wireless network. The wireless network can provide you convenient access to the web from any portable computer wherever the network has coverage. This includes most academic buildings and various other buildings including campus dining halls and portions of some residence halls. Registration is quite simple and can be accomplished by pointing a browser to the Virginia Tech Communications Network Service’s website: www.cns.vt.edu Click on “Wireless LAN” on the left hand side of the site. Follow the on screen instructions to register your PID for wireless access. When you register your PID with CNS you can access the wireless network using any wireless enabled PC in range of the network. Wireless internet access will be used throughout this course for academic purposes. Please note that wireless internet access in the classroom is to be used in a professional manner for academic purposes only. Software Installation ENGE 1024 students should begin to install the software that came with their engineering software bundle. At a minimum, students should have Microsoft Office and Microsoft OneNote installed. Please recall this is part of homework assignment due by this week’s workshop. Some of the software is provided on CD and others are available for download. It is strongly recommended that students download all of the software available to them and burn copies to CD for use. This will ensure that the software is available for you in the future should something happen to your hard drive (system crash) or if you purchase a new computer in the future. Keep any keys or license numbers handy. Service Pack for Microsoft OneNote 2003 Please note, in order to follow all the instructions below, you must have at a minimum service pack 1 for OneNote installed. You can check to see if you have the service pack installed by opening OneNote and choosing Help Æ About Microsoft Office OneNote
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